Limit Switch


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Aerial Assault 1.0 Red, Aerial Assault 2.0 White, Aerial Assault 3.0 Black, White Wing WW1 1.0 with on/off toggle switch, White Wing WW1 2.0 with on/off dial switch and mostly grey colored limit switch with 2 inch arm, White Wing WW1 3.0 with on/off dial switch and all black limit switch with short arm, White Quail 1.0 with on/off Toggle switch, White Quail 2.0 with on/off Dial switch, White Pheasant WP1 1.0 with leveling tray, skinny metal arm, White Pheasant WP1 2.0 without tray, with larger throwing arm, Red Pidgeon RP50, Double Eagle DE2, Raven RAV1 with light on back, no fuse, Raven RAV1 without light, has 15 amp fuse, Fowl Play FP25 with light, no fuse, Fowl Play FP25 no light, has 10 amp fuse, Fire Fly FF550, Wobbler AWK45 3.0 ON/OFF Switch with Green Circuit Board